Welcome to Kia the CEO

Welcome to Kia the CEO!

I’m tired of trying to figure out which social media site to post on so I decided to create this Pinterest-style blog, Kia the CEO, to keep up with all of the random things I enjoy.

At this very moment, here is what I’m into and what you will find on this site:

  • Fitness & Health – I am getting older and I realize my good genes aren’t always going to make me appear fit. So I started working out about a month ago and now I’m addicted to fitness challenges, circuit training, the elliptical and toning up my thick old thighs! Now I also have to eat healthy so all that working out isn’t in vein. I will be sure to share any good fitness & heath finds on Kia the CEO during my progress.
  • Beauty – Obviously I am a woman and there aren’t many of us that isn’t into fashion. While I don’t follow most trends because I hate looking like everyone else, I still like to be fancy! I also decided to grow my  hair natural. If you are an ethnic girl, you know what I’m talking about and you know it isn’t that easy to manage. I have been straightening my hair since deciding to go natural two years ago and I believe I may be suffering from heat damage. 🙁 This means I will also be spending my time scouring YouTube for natural hair care videos that don’t involve putting so much heat on my hair. So if you are into it, follow me on Kia the CEO and I will take you on the journey with me.
  • Family – I love spending time with my family over anyone else. We are just a young bunch of fun people (for now). Back in the day I was known for always snapping pics and capturing our craziness on camera (KiaCam). We should have had our own reality TV show, but since we don’t you can catch us on Kia the CEO.
  • Business – I am Kia the CEO afterall – of course I will post about business, marketing and my journey to entrepreneurship. I won’t stop until I achieve success. Follow me, and I will leave you with encouraging words.
  • Faith – I turn to God for everything; I am nothing without Him. I love reading the Bible so I will definitely share some of my favorite versus.
  • Fun – Who wants to come to a boring blog? Not me! For me fun is a lot of things…jokes, watching reality TV, staying abreast of the latest gossip, drinking wine for no good reason, and the list goes on. With that said, if you are thirsty to remain entertained, I will share the juice with you on Kia the CEO!

Kia the CEO

Kia the CEO

Kia the CEO

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