Follow my Mom’s exercise board on Pinterest. Her body looks 1/2 her age!!


I can’t even front on my mom’s body or her exercise tips. She looks great at the age of 55! Not only does she look great at her age, her body is better than most 20 something year old chicks that I know. All I know is I need to stay consistent on my exercise, health and fitness game so I can look like her when I am her age.

My mom didn’t just get into heath and fitness; she has been into for as long as I can remember.

Please be sure to FOLLOW her board on Pinterest. She does everything she posts to her board and it shows! She is just getting started sharing her tips online, but trust me she is no beginner because her body is the TRUTH so you might want to take her advice in 2014, like I will be! My mom is my inspiration. 🙂

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