I’m doing THREE 30 day fitness challenges – Abs, Squats & Push-Ups!


30 day fitness challenges…here I come!!

I am really embarrassed to admit that I ended up taking four months off from working out after going H.A.M. in the gym for four months straight and no more than 1-2 days off per week. The GREAT news is I’m flawless and “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” anyway! Okay no…just kidding…well no not really because I have great genes (LOL). But the great news is really that I am getting back on my health and fitness game! 🙂

Since I did not want to just jump back into my old routine and overwhelm myself with the two hour long workouts six days a week, I am taking it back to what got me motivated to do more in the first place – 30 day fitness challenges!

The last time I only did the 30 Day Squat Challenge, but I never completed it because I was afraid of the weight gain and how big my legs were getting. However, my booty was freaking amazing and I read that it is perfectly normal to gain weight…well muscle weight. More muscle mass means more fat burn! With that said, I am definitely completing the full 30 Day Squat Challenge this time around! And not only am I doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge, I am doing the 30 Day Ab Challenge and the 30 Day Beginners Push-Up Challenge.

If you are into health and fitness, please make sure you tune into RatedStarsRadio.com on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. I will be co-hosting a health and fitness show – Loren Dixon’s Health & Fitness Fix! Please make sure you save the date on your calendar and bookmark this link to the online show.

I am really looking  forward to completing these challenges and sharing the results since I know that’s what my visitors come here looking for. So stay tuned to my site and RatedStarsRadio.com for the updates! Also make sure you do your squats properly!! I don’t want to hear about anyone getting injured.

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