My 1st Week Wearing My Natural Hair to Work!


I’ve been growing out my natural for almost two years now…actually my exact two year anniversary for starting my┬áchemical-free hair challenge is August 5th :-). The bad news is, I’ve never done a style to showcase my natural hair, which is resulting in some heat damage. ­čÖü So I made the decision to stop putting so much heat on my hair every week by not blow drying or flat ironing my hair until it’s bone straight, and come up with a hairstyle that looked decent on me.

While I was on vacation, it was the perfect time to experiment – especially since I went swimming almost everyday. I searched YouTube in hopes finding a great style that would fit me. After all, what’s the point of going natural if I’m not going to show it.I tried to two strand twist, perm rods, and wearing it all out. None of this looked good on me! #1 I am not the one for short curly hair, #2 I have some heat damage, so some hair just doesn’t curl the same anyway and #3 I’m not used to this!!

Anyway, here is a pic of my hair. Do I look cray cray? I need some advice ASAP!!


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