My Journey to slimmer thighs


Slimmer thighs – It’s been a challenge!

Slimmer thighs??? I know that’s the first thing people think when I say that, but people who are into fitness know what I mean. My desire for slimmer thighs does not mean I want to have skinny legs. I want to get slimmer thighs as in less fat so I can have more muscle definition, like my mom.

slimmer thighs like my mom
my thighs (far right) vs. my mom’s thighs (next to me)

Before I started working out earlier this summer, my thighs were about 2 inches slimmer than they are now. I noticed that I have been building muscles in my thighs without trying too hard because of genetics and I have a pear-shaped body. However, I feel like my thighs are getting HUGE! Aren’t I supposed to lose inches in my thighs while working out?

Am I doing too much squats? Am I going to hard on the treadmill? Is it that I had so much fat in the past that it makes it difficult to burn it off in just a few months? Do I weight train my lower body too often. Maybe? Maybe not? I am still trying to pin point the issue, but the more I research I see I AM doing a lot of the right things to get slimmer thighs. Clearly I still need some guidance, but at least I am going in the right direction!

My diet and workout routine to help me get slimmer thighs typically include:

I am still doing research, but check out these links that I found so far if you are having the same issues as me!

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