Natural Hair Update: Letting My Hair Down! #NaturalGirlProblems


Finally! I am starting to not be so uptight about my natural hair and what I am do with it. I am letting it down!

It has been seven months since I have completely stopped straightening my natural hair with blow drying and flat ironing. Ever since, my style has pretty much been exactly the same – wearing it in a banana clip! But now since my hair is growing back, it’s time to change up my look again, like I normally do every so often.

Why have I been so boring with all this hair?

It seems like everyone is always asking why I don’t wear my hair down. I guess there are several reasons why:

  1. I have always had thick hair. Naturally as a human, you always want what you don’t have. Bone straight hair was something I rarely ever achieve, even when I had relaxers. Wearing natural hair had to grow on me.
  2. I never knew what my hair would look like I if I wore it again. Again, bone straight hair was the goal and I had no clue what my afro would look like.
  3. For the first two years of being natural, I straightened it as I transitioned. This gave me heat damage so the ends of my hair does not curl like it should. I wanted my natural curl pattern to finally come in before I wore it out.
  4. I wanted my hair to grow back. I do not like my hair being short in the front. After my horrible haircut back in December, my hair was entirely too short in the front, which made me uncomfortable. And natural girls can relate – your hair shrinks and looks shorter than it really is!

What’s next for my natural hair?

Now that it is longer, I would like to keep the asymmetric haircut and layer the back of my hair, to get rid of some more heat damage hair, mainly on the upper back part of my head. The mixture of straight and tightly coiled hair is annoying.

I feel that I can attempt to accomplish more styles now that it is longer too so I would like to add some color. Not sure what I am picking yet, but these are some looks that I will send to my hair dresser, @_LilyLo, to hopefully inspire her to create a unique creation for me. Perhaps I can go back to my ombre. I like some of these looks but I would probably feel better with darker hair on top and lighter hair on the bottom and underneath the top layers.

What do you think???

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