Natural Hair Update: Look at my hair now!


Natural Hair Update

I had been the Dominican Salon’s best customer for the last 7 years and didn’t miss a week of my blow dry andĀ  flat iron hair routine. After two years and four months of being natural, and 5 months of straight wash and go hair, I now have ten different curl patterns and jar loads of product.

This main picture is of me the other night at my long time friend turned family member’s, birthday party (shout out to DJ Killa Mike from Prodigy…Happy Birthday old guy). I can’t even believe I really wore my hair like this to a party! LOLĀ  I was definitely out of my comfort zone with this look, but no one seems to even notice, except for me. I actually got a few compliments so I guess it wasn’t that bad after all. It was all in my head…no pun intended!

As awkward as this phase is for me, I am getting closer and closer to achieving the length that I want when it’s in its natural state. I can tell my hair will be pretty long when I straighten it. Perhaps I may do so for the New Year so I can trim it. Then I will probably check in around March with another update. And by this time next year, my hair should be down my back in its natural state.

Pictured in the below gallery is my detangled, natural hair with a few drops of Argon oil and Bio Complex leave in conditioner.

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