#Throwback Video Vixen Flashback featuring Me – @KiatheCEO


Throwback Video Vixen Flashback featuring Me, KiatheCEO, in Mr. LEXX – Girls OFFICIAL VIDEO on the Bollywood Riddim (Dancehall)

A friend of mine tagged me in this embarrassing dancehall video that we did years ago after my 21st birthday! I laugh in shame every time I watch. However, I thought I’d share now before it comes back to haunt me later…AGAIN! LOL

FLASHBACK: I remember being hungover from celebrating my first night and right to legally drink the night before. The video was clearly low budget, but the video staff was pushing me to be one of the principle/feature girls in the video. I was feeling like crap so I know I did not do my best. Not to mention, I am painfully shy when all eyes are on me. I also had learned that morning that one of my favorite entertainers, Aaliyah, had past away in a plane crash (RIP). To make it worse, I found out towards the end of the shoot that my ex-boyfriend and the father of my child’s friends were the Directors and would see my every move on film; #FML!

Nevertheless, doing this video ended up being fun for me and my girl, Nneka. I must say that as much as it hurts to watch, my legs and hair look GREAT! LOL

Check it out…



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