Wild*Card Wednesday Radio Show – #Provocative #Entertainment #Music #Stars


Wild*Card Wednesday Radio Show featuring #TeamPlush

If you haven’t heard by now, you are probably living in never never land under a rock where you never know nothing! Pardon my slang, but sheesh…you should know that my Online Radio Show launched over a month ago, and it’s featuring me and my team!!!! 😛 This upcoming show is called Wild*Card Wednesday. The name explains it all. It will definitely be wild, it’s definitely on a Wednesday and anything goes!

Shouts out to the loyal day 1 listeners! We can’t thank you enough. Because of you we have more plays, more downloads and more likes than ever!!

We also want to thanks to those of you who will eventually tune in to RatedStarsRadio.com because we know you will love it some point or another.

Wild*Card Wednesday premiers next Wednesday at 8PM Eastern Time. Put it on your calender and go visit RatedStars.com NOW for more details!

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