Burned 550+ Calories with My Cardio & Lower Body Workout Today!


Today I had an awesome cardio and lower body workout! I felt so guilty for taking a day off and pigging out yesterday. My day off was because Monday’s 3 mile run/power walk had me in pain PLUS the previous day I did a high intensity cardio and full body circuit workout. BUT I think I made up for a little today. 🙂


-40 minute Elliptical Intensity Trainer workout from my Workout Trainer app


2 rounds of the following with weights and no rests in between…

-Ab Machine: 15 reps
-Seated Leg Extensions: 15 reps
-Dumbbell Side Bend (r): 20 reps
-Dumbbell Side Bend (l): 20 reps
-Dead lifts: 20 reps
-Russian Twists: 20 reps
-Lunges: 20 reps
-Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises: 20 reps

Finished it with…

-Basic Squats: 55
-Wall Squat/Sit: 45 seconds

I would have done a 3rd round, but I was at my small community gym and tricks killed my vibe taking long ass rests on machines. Killed my rotation! 🙁

See my before and after pic below. I sweated my ass off!

I’m still a beginner, but definitely getting it in!!

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